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Live Your Truth


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Our fears are like dragons guarding our most precious treasures
- Rilke

                   Phone:  (781) 789-6103 | Email:  gas333@verizon.net

Grace Anne Stevens inspires people to find their truth and live their authentic life!


• Over 40 years in high tech, building successful teams and processes in both startup and large companies; holding Director and VP positions

Returned to school at age 58 and earned an MA in Counseling Psychology at age 62

Over 5 years counseling and facilitating psycho-education groups in a substance abuse clinic

At age 64, successfully transitioned gender in two workplaces

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Grace is available to talk about her book for book clubs , schools and organizations throughout New England

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Published by Graceful Change Press


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Twitter:  #nomaybeyesbook

Living your truth maximizes your  effectivity in all aspects of life

Grace Stevens is an inspirational and motivational speaker specializing on intra and interpersonal relationships to improve individual and group effectiveness in all aspects of people’s lives.

With her careers in corporate technical management, individual and group counseling, author and speaker, Grace has made a difference to people world wide.

Grace’s skill of simplifying psychological concepts mixed with sharing personal stories provides a unique experience and is a catalyst for personal change.


Contact Grace to see how she can inspire your group 

Watch Grace's interview on VSTV on 5/20/15.  It starts at around the 10:30 point (10 minutes)

My Latest Blog

My Transgender Life: Que Sera Sera

Schedule/Appearance Updates

8/31/16:  Guest at a local book club

9/16:  Wachusetts HS. Development training and support group consulting

11/12: IFS Conference Plenary Session

11/13: IFS Conference Post Conference Institute

Grace in the Media 

Grace is honored to be selected as one of the writers on Amtrak's 2016 Residency Program  7/14/16

..and here from the Lexington Minuteman


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Grace's Profile in the Lexington Minuteman May 5,2016

Grace's letter to the Boston Globe

Transgender Advocates are Right to Make Noise

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8 Books Sure to Empower Women in the New Year

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Grace is featured in Dr Robert Leonard's November 2015  Newsletter

No! Maybe? Yes! Not Just a Transgender Memoir  -- An interview on Op Ed News by Joan Brunwasser 7/6/15

 Listen to Grace's 1 hour Interview  with Francesca Luca (from 6/27/15)  here (in 2 parts)  

An Interview with Grace.. by Dr. Tammy Nelson (7/1/15)

Article in Boston Herald with Grace quoted  6/2/15

Grace's Story on N Y Times Transgender Today series

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